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This is Solid, Reporting for Duty

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This is Solid, Reporting for Duty

Post by Solid Scorpion on Fri Nov 28 2014, 20:03

I suppose I should introduce myself. Happy

I started playing The Respawnables mainly because my younger brother (known as Escape in game and on this forum, and yes it is a reference to Chase) introduced me to this game. At first I wasn't really interested but after a while I realized I got hooked. Been playing it ever since.

I lost my account on multiple occasions for some reason (probably syncing issue or something, I don't know) but I refuse to abandon this game and always bounce right back. Badass

My name in game is Solid, and as the name suggests, I would be spending most of my time in full health gear. In terms of weapons, I'm currently trying to master the elite assault rifle, a weapon that apparently not a lot of players are using, so I hope this could be my signature weapon. XD

In terms of my other interests, I love the Metal Gear series, and yes, as my avatar may have suggested, I am brony. Well don't worry I won't be shoving ponies in your face so please keep the hating to a minimum. Raspberry

Anyways, here's a little something about me. Stay respawnable mates! Solid over and out.
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