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$$$ How to Make Cash with Efficiency $$$

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$$$ How to Make Cash with Efficiency $$$

Post by Solid Scorpion on Mon Dec 08 2014, 19:34

Cash is usually not an issue for those who don't really care about completing missions or prefer the gold gears. However, some of the very fun (and flashy, like the zap gun) weapons require a fairly daunting amount of cash. Getting that huge amount of cash could be proven to be quite a frustration.  WTF

I would like to share with you guys my own method of making cash quickly and effectively. Happy

To start off, make sure you are in the right level for the following methods.

Lvl 20 and below
Multiplayer matches does not offer nearly as much rewards as offline mode, and chances are you won't be able to get into the higher ranks without those more powerful weapons when you are pitted against a bunch of elite or $$$ players who spent real life money. Stick with Mission mode and complete those missions. You will earn way more cash and xp.

Lvl 20+
By now the minimum income from multiplayer mode (provided you are always the last place for FFA and on the losing team for Team VS) should outweight the maximum income of offline mode (provided you are always the first place). Be sure to grab something powerful, commonly the blunderbuss, which you should by now have enough gold to purchase. If somehow you can't afford it, the shotgun and other heavy damage dealing weapons are pretty good backup options too. The key here is, instead of lingering in one room and waiting for the count down to end to begin another long 4 minute match, you leave and join another game mode. Here's a typical example

- You join Team VS and get dropped into a 2 minute match.
- You go in guns blazing and get your cash at the end of the match.
- You leave the room and enter Free For All and get dropped into a 3 minute match.
- You go in guns blazing and get your cash at the end of the match.
- You leave the room and enter Team VS and get dropped into a 1 minute match.

What makes this efficient is that by doing so it saves you anywhere from a mere few seconds to a whooping 3 minutes to get some cash. Keep in mind that winning or getting into the top 3 is not your goal here; your goal is to get cash as fast as possible.

My current estimated efficiency for this is around 15-20k cash per hour; this is provided that you are not using cash boosters or leveling up (you get cash for leveling up too). Of course, feel free to use cash booster for maximum pleasure.

Personally I use this method and I think you should be able to get those expensive cash weapons such as the zap gun or dual grenade pistols in the span of a few days to a few weeks, depending on your gaming habit.

Well, I hope this helped elevate some of your cash worries. Wink
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